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"My mission is to influence relationships & support understanding through communications"

I am a certified 

  • Women Empowerment Coach

  • Communications Coach

  • Conflict Coach

  • Life Coach

I am a Dallas, Texas transplant, by way of a small town in Mississippi.  I have dedicated almost three decades of my life to my work as an educator.  I moved to Texas in 2007 to follow my calling to do more in the educational space.
My attraction to the communications field is rooted in my desire to positively influence relationships and support understanding through communications.  Now, celebrating over 28 years in communications, I am thankful that God has allowed me to answer my calling--to bridge the gap between those who desire to be strong communicators, and those who desperately need the presence of strong communicators.  My contributions have earned me many titles--trainer, minister, mentor, professor, author, and now-- owner of Colorful Communications, LLC. 
Through Colorful Communications, I lend my expertise to corporations, higher education institutions and individuals who desire to learn strategic communication practices that can help accelerate them to their professional and personal goals. I specialize in coaching both leadership and key personnel. 
When I am not working, I love sharing a good laugh with family and friends. I am very active in my local church, where I serve my church family without reservation.

  Derailing Disappointment
  I stepped out on a limb over the last couple of years, to create a body of work
  that shows how communication extends beyond words; and, how our response
  to challenge and controversy drives the outcome of difficult situations.
  Derailing Disappointment, is the “fruit” of my labor and
  research. As a seasoned communicator, my desire was to leave my readers
  with precise messaging that enlightens, ignites, and empowers individuals to
  think big, dream big and work beyond disappointments. 



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Simply put, colorful communications is a way of transmitting a message in a manner that is well-received by the target audience. Many are familiar with the saying, "colorful language," used to describe enhanced communication methods.  Colorful follows the same mindset.  It is the use of a more enhanced, methodological and strategic form of communications to accomplish your organizational goal in communications. 


Organizations usually get it right in so many areas of business.  Execution, delivery, procurement, sourcing, supply chain, product lines, are all usual winners.  However, in my experience, I have seen the common denominator of a lacking communications element in most business domains.   These problems, unfortunately, trickle down from leadership and land in the most detrimental places, adversely affecting all areas of the business. My trainings are designed to help fill those gaps and teach businesses a better way to thrive and grow through their use of "colorful" communications principles and methodologies. 

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