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I Teach You How To Profit With Communication

Colorful Communication is a firm that specialize in increasing business profitability by delivering targeted training to leaders and their teams. We enhance the professional development landscape by providing invaluable tools and leveraging best practices to ensure that we help you close the communication gap between your business and revenue

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The leadership faculty at Primrose School reached out to Colorful Communications to help improve their internal communications practices. 

Here, the teachers and preschool leaders received trainings on conflict resolution strategies and guidance on how to improve communication between them and upper management.

Some of the topics addressed, included:

  • How to create awareness through communication

  • How to improve communication fault lines between management layers

  • The benefits of self-inspection during conflicts

  • Helpful handling of difficult situations


Following the recommended CDC protocols for social distancing, our team was able to deliver quality training, leaving our client with the tools to improve their internal and external communication practices.

If you are seeking a similar service for your organization, please book a consultation today. 

The Primrose School of Old Orchard, Lewisville, Texas



Book a 1-hour discovery consultation to explore pain points, gaps, opportunities and service offering to determine how we can help you meet your business goals.  


Invest in the people who are responsible for steering the vessel

 to its destination! 

This level of training is best suited for your corporate leadership teams.


Equip your valuable workforce with the tools to help them succeed. 

Our targeted employee training is customized to address your

specific pain points.     


 April did a phenomenal job presenting at my school! The material was well-thought-out and presented in an engaging manner. Her messaging clear. My teachers left with a sense of purpose and were invigorated to teach and lead well. Time and money well-spent. 


--Shelley Connell, EdD, Franchise Owner, Primrose Schools


To book April Packer for training, private coaching or public speaking engagements, please contact us at:


Dallas, Texas 

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